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Site Rentals is a Cloud-based application that connects renters and suppliers in real time to order the right equipment, avoid delays and reduce waste and cost.  Sharing demand forecasts early lets suppliers reserve the equipment you need, when you need it.  Proactive alerts make sure equipment is delivered and returned on time, keeping costs under control. Since 2009, Site Rentals has been used by Oil Producers to streamline rental equipment supply chains and reduce rental costs.

Site Stays manages and tracks the onsite stays for over 400,000 workers from 500 different vendors annually. In use from 2008 by the largest oil producers in the Canadian oil sands, Site Stays is a travel processing workforce. By having Site Stays on your side, you'll be able to avoid blocking and save hundreds of millions of dollars through streamlining.

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Site Forecast is our latest Supplier Collaboration product - completed in 2015 and used by two of the largest oil producers in Alberta, Canada. Site Forecast coordinates your project activities with your suppliers’, both planned and executed, to optimize the use of workers, equipment and facilities for projects in general operations, major projects, and turnarounds (even forest fires).  Site Forecast assures that you and your suppliers are in sync – and improves your ability to complete work efforts on-time and on or under budget.


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